classes/continuation.pmc - Continuation PMC


Continuation extends Closure to provide a subroutine with associated "context". See the Glossary for more information.

Methods ^

void init()

Initializes the continuation.

void mark()

Marks the continuation as live.

void destroy()

Destroys the continuation.

PMC *clone()

Creates and returns a clone of the continuation.

PMC *set_pmc()

Assign context.

void set_pointer(void *value)

Sets the pointer to the actual subroutine.

void *get_pointer()

Returns the pointer to the actual subroutine.

INTVAL defined()

Returns whether the subroutine is defined.

void *invoke(void *next)

Restores the "context" and calls the superclass's invoke().


Initial revision by sean 2002/08/04.