Developer's Notes ^

Purpose ^

This document is a shared notebook for developers working on the prototype Perl 6 compiler. It's a place to record observations, obstacles, solutions, plans, etc. It's not generally intended for people who are just using the compiler, but if you run across a feature that doesn't quite work, you may find it mentioned here.

Compiling ^

At the moment, P6C will only work if you configure parrot with the icudatadir specified:

  perl --icudatadir="`pwd`/blib/lib/icu/2.6.1"

or equivalent.

Subroutines ^

I'm having a problem with user-defined subroutines. Subroutines without any defined parameters work fine (arguments are passed in @_). Subroutines with one defined parameter get 1 as the value of the parameter. With two defined parameters, the first has the value 2, the second is a NULL PMC.

I haven't had time to look into it further, but I added SKIP tests that demonstrate the problem(s) in t/subs/simple.t. --Allison