experimental.ops - Experimental Operations


This file contains operations that are in an experimental state. Do not rely upon the existence of the ops in this file when writing production code. No decision has yet been made as to whether they are accepted as regular Parrot ops or not. They are included here for testing purposes only!

Mathematical operations ^

Implementations of various mathematical operations

gcd(out INT, in NUM, in NUM)

Greatest Common divisor of $2 and $3.

gcd(out INT, out INT, out INT, in INT, in INT)

Given $4 and $5, it calculates $1, $2 and $3 so that

$1 = gcd($4, $5) = $2 * $4 + $3 * $5 (d = gcd(a,b) = x*a + y*b)

random number operations ^

Implementations of various random number operations

rand(out NUM, in NUM)

rand(out NUM)

rand(out INT, in INT)

rand(out INT)

srand(in NUM)

Generate random numbers based on the Random PMC.


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