Data::Dumper::Default - The default output module of Data::Dumper.


version 0.10




This is a baseclass that provides some essential functions necessary for dumping data structures. It is subclassed by Data::Dumper::Default, which implements the methods that are finally doing the output.


A Data::Dumper::Default object has the following methods:

style."dumpWithName"( shortname, name, dump )

style."dumpCached"( name, dump )

style."dumpProperties"( name, dump )

style.dumpHash( name, hash )

Dumps a 'generic' Hash.

style."dumpStringEscaped"( string, escapeChar )

Escape any characters in a string so we can re-use it as a literal.

style."pmcDefault"( name, dump )

style."pmcPMCArray"( name, array )

Dumps an (PMC) Array.

style."pmcIntList"( name, array )

Dumps an IntList PMC.

style."pmcStringArray"( name, array )

Dumps an (string) Array.

style."pmcPerlArray"( name, array )

Dumps an (Perl) Array.

style."pmcPerlHash"( name, hash )

Dumps a PerlHash PMC.

style."pmcPerlString"( name, str )

Dumps a PerlString PMC.

style."pmcPerlInt"( name, val )

Dumps a PerlInt PMC.

style."pmcPerlNum"( name, val )

Dumps a PerlNum PMC.

style."pmcPerlUndef"( name, val )

Dumps a PerlUndef PMC.

style."pmcSub"( name, val )

Dumps a Sub pmc

style."pmcNull"( name, val )

Dumps a Null PMC.

style."pmcOrderedHash"( name, val )

Dumps a OrderedHash PMC.

style."pmcManagedStruct"( name, val )

Dumps a ManagedStruct PMC.

style."pmcUnManagedStruct"( name, val )

Dumps a UnManagedStruct PMC.

style."pmcArray"( name, array )

Dumps an Array.


Jens Rieks <parrot at jensbeimsurfen dot de> is the author and maintainer. Please send patches and suggestions to the Perl 6 Internals mailing list.


Copyright (c) 2004, the Perl Foundation.