src/method_util.c - Utility functions for methods


Utility functions to handle Parrot calling conventions, lookup methods, etc.

XXX This all looks totally bogus and is unused - disable --leo

Functions ^

PMC *Parrot_new_csub(Interp *interp, Parrot_csub_t func)

Create a new native sub.

OBSOLETE Use NCI instead. See ops/core.opsCdlfunc and src/interpreter.c:Parrot_compreg() for examples.

void Parrot_push_argv(Interp *interp, INTVAL argc, PMC *argv[])

Push non-prototyped arguments.

INTVAL Parrot_pop_argv(Interp *interp, PMC ***argv)

Pop non-prototyped arguments.

void Parrot_push_proto(Interp *interp, INTVAL intc, INTVAL *intv, INTVAL numc, FLOATVAL *numv, INTVAL strc, STRING **strv, INTVAL pmcc, PMC **pmcv)

Push prototyped arguments.

void Parrot_init_stash(Interp *interp, struct method_rec_t *recp, struct Stash *stash)

Initialize a method stash.

PMC *Parrot_find_method(Interp *interp, struct Stash *stash, PMC *key)

Lookup a method in a method stash.


Initial revision by Sean, 2002/08/04.