classes/scratchpad.pmc - Lexical Scratchpad


These are the vtable functions for the Scratchpad PMC.

A ScratchPad PMC is a FixedPMCArray of OrderedHashes. It is used in the implementation of the opcodes in ops/var.ops.

Methods ^

PMC *get_pmc_keyed(PMC *key)

Get a lexical variable. The key types are expected to match one of the following:


A lexical name.


A lexical position in the current scope.


A scope, and a lexical name.


A scope, and a lexical position in that scope.

void set_pmc_keyed(PMC *key, PMC *value)

Store a value as a lexical variable. The same key types that get_pmc_keyed() supports are supported here.

void delete_keyed(PMC *key)

Deletes the lexical variable for *key.


ops/var.ops src/lexical.c