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IMCC is the Intermediate Code Compiler for Parrot. It's integrated into the parrot executable.

IMCC compiles a language called Parrot Intermediate Representation (PIR). PIR is the primary target of language implementations. PIR code files usually have the extension .imc.

This document describes available IMCC documentation, located in parrot/imcc/docs unless otherwise described.

See also the general Parrot documentation, located in parrot/docs.


calling_conventions.pod ^

Describes the standard way of passing arguments and receiving results from subroutines. See also pdd/003_calling_conventions.pod.

imcfaq.pod ^

A must read for potential language implementors.

macros.pod ^

The macro layer of parrot.

operation.pod ^

Describes how IMCC operates internally.

parsing.pod ^

Basic parsing functionality.

running.pod ^

parrot's command line options.

syntax.pod ^

The syntax of .imc files.

parrot/imcc/README ^

Summary of IMCC features and syntax.

*.[chly] ^

Most documentation files end in .c.


Leopold Toetsch <>