Addcontext ^

This file contains the code to propagate context, using the following node functions:

ctx_right($node, $ctx)

Called when $node appears in right-hand context $ctx. ctx_right should propagate the appropriate context to child nodes.

ctx_left($node, $other, $ctx)

Called when $node appears as the lvalue in an expression whose rvalue is $other, and whose context is $ctx. $other may be undef if the rvalue is not known, such as when $node is a member of a tuple to which an array is being assigned (e.g. ($a, $node) = @some_things). If $other is defined, ctx_left should call its ctx_right method with the appropriate context. Otherwise, it should return the desired right context.

This file also defines the contexts for built-in increment, binary, and unary operators, and for "magic" things like guards and loop.