ParTcl ^

A from scratch implementation of Tcl on Parrot.

To build the tcl interpreter, first build parrot. From the top level parrot directory:

 perl && make

Then, type make in this directory. This will generate the file tcl.pbc which can then be used to run tcl programs.

Note - due to a bug in the current parrot implementation, you must be in the root development directory.

 ./parrot languages/tcl/tcl.pbc foo.tcl

Interactive tclsh ^

To run ParTcl interactively, simply type:

 make tclsh

in this directory.

Examples ^

To run an example, change to the examples, and type make for instructions. Running examples from here automatically handles cd'ing to the proper directory to run.

Test Suite ^

To run the test suite, type make test. Note - if any tests fail, try setting the environment variable TEST_PROG_ARGS to -G and retry.

If the tests now pass, there's a GC bug that needs to be reported to the perl6-internals list.

Documentation ^

Various documentation (in various states of decay at the moment):