SDL::LCD - A LCD object


    # create an LCD
    $I0 = find_type 'SDL::LCD'
    lcd = new $I0

    # set the LCD position
    lcd."xpos"( 10 )
    lcd."ypos"( 10 )

    # set the LCD content
    lcd = "-01:23.4"

    # draw the LCD
    lcd."draw"( screen )


Displays a liquid crystal display (LCD) with a variable number of digits. Supported are 0-9, a-f, ".", ":", "-" and blanks.

Each digit is 10 pixels width, plus 2 pixels space between the digits. The height of each digit is 21 pixels.


An SDL::LCD object has the following methods:

_digits( count )

Adjusts the minimum number of digits to display.

__set_integer_native( val )

Sets the LCD content to display.

__set_string_native( val )

Sets the LCD content to display.

draw( screen )

Draws the LCD onto the specified screen.

xpos( val )

Sets the x position of the LCD.

ypos( val )

Sets the y position of the LCD.


Jens Rieks <parrot at jensbeimsurfen dot de> is the author and maintainer. Please send patches and suggestions to the Perl 6 Internals mailing list.


Copyright (c) 2004, The Perl Foundation.