tools/build/ - PMC definition to C compiler


Options used in Parrot Makefile ^

Create src/pmc/foo.dump:

    % perl tools/build/ --dump src/pmc/foo.pmc ...

Create vtable.dump:

    % perl tools/build/ --vtable

Create src/pmc/foo.c and pmc_foo.h from src/pmc/foo.dump:

    % perl tools/build/ -c src/pmc/foo.pmc ...

Other Options ^

Print a class tree for the specified PMCs:

    % perl tools/build/ --tree src/pmc/*.pmc

Create fooX.c and pmc_fooX.h from fooX.dump files, also create libfoo.c containing the initialization function for all fooX PMCs.

    % perl tools/build/ --library libfoo -c \
           src/pmc/foo1.pmc src/pmc/foo2.pmc ...


The job of the PMC compiler is to take .pmc files and create C files that can be compiled for use with the Parrot interpreter.



Omit source line info


Specify include path where to find PMCs.


Specify the library name. This will create <libname>.c and pmc_<libname>.h. The initialization function will be named after libname and will initialize all PMCs in the library.