freeing.pod - Saving and restoring the state of Parrot m4

Why? ^

Performance. Exchange with other m4 implementations.

How? ^

Command line args. --freeze-state=s --reload-state=s

Format of the freeze file ^

Each macro is desrcibed in two lines. The first line looks like 'F8,8'. The second looks like: 'translittranslit' The First letter is a flag:

  C Change comment character
  D A diversion, expects a negative number first
  F a builtin macro
  T a user defined macro 
  Q Change quote character
  V Validate version

Example ^

Explaination ^

Syntax ^

See languages/m4/tools/

frozen2yaml ^

Parses a frozen file and returns it's data as YAML. perl ../examples/only_builtin.frozen

Using Parrot m4 with Introspector ^

TODO: Install Introspector.