src/global_setup.c - Global setup


Performs all the global setting up of things. This includes the (very few) global variables that Parrot totes around.

What are these global variables?

Functions ^

void Parrot_set_config_hash_internal (const unsigned char *parrot_config, unsigned int parrot_config_size)

Called by Parrot_set_config_hash with the serialised hash which will be used in subsequently created Interpreters

void parrot_set_config_hash_interpreter (Interp *interpreter)

Used internally to associate the config hash with an Interpreter using the last registered config data.

void init_world(Interp *interpreter)

This is the actual initialization code called by Parrot_init().

It sets up the Parrot system, running any platform-specific init code if necessary, then initializing the string subsystem, and setting up the base vtables and core PMCs.

interpreter should be the root interpreter returned by Parrot_new(NULL).