lib/luamath.pir - Lua Mathematical Library


This library is an interface to the standard C math library. It provides all its functions inside the table math. The library provides the following functions:

    math.abs     math.acos    math.asin    math.atan    math.atan2
    math.ceil    math.cos     math.cosh    math.deg     math.exp
    math.floor   math.fmod    math.frexp   math.ldexp   math.log
    math.log10   math.max     math.min     math.modf    math.pow
    math.rad     math.random  math.randomseed           math.sin
    math.sinh    math.sqrt    math.tan     math.tanh

plus a variable math.pi and a variable math.huge, with the value HUGE_VAL. Most of these functions are only interfaces to the corresponding functions in the C library. All trigonometric functions work in radians. The functions math.deg and math.rad convert between radians and degrees.

The function math.max returns the maximum value of its numeric arguments. Similarly, math.min computes the minimum. Both can be used with 1, 2, or more arguments.

The function math.modf corresponds to the modf C function. It returns two values: The integral part and the fractional part of its argument. The function math.frexp also returns 2 values: The normalized fraction and the exponent of its argument.

The functions math.random and math.randomseed are interfaces to the simple random generator functions rand and srand that are provided by ANSI C. (No guarantees can be given for their statistical properties.) When called without arguments, math.random returns a pseudo-random real number in the range [0,1]. When called with a number n, math.random returns a pseudo-random integer in the range [1,n]. When called with two arguments, l and u, math.random returns a pseudo-random integer in the range [l,u]. The math.randomseed function sets a "seed" for the pseudo-random generator: Equal seeds produce equal sequences of numbers.

See "Lua 5.1 Reference Manual", section 5.6 "Mathematical Functions".


Francois Perrad.