MIME::Base64 - Encoding and decoding of base64 strings


    # load this library
    load_bytecode 'MIME/Base64.pbc'


MIME::Base64 is inspired by the Perl5 module MIME::Base64.


This module defines the following subroutines:

encode_base64( str )

Encode data by calling the encode_base64() function. The first argument is the string to encode. The returned encoded string is broken into lines of no more than 76 characters each.

decode_base64( str )

Decode a base64 string by calling the decode_base64() function. This function takes a single argument which is the string to decode and returns the decoded data.

Any character not part of the 65-character base64 subset is silently ignored. Characters occurring after a '=' padding character are never decoded.

If the length of the string to decode, after ignoring non-base64 chars, is not a multiple of 4 or if padding occurs too early, then a warning is generated if perl is running under -w.



Written and maintained by Bernhard Schmalhofer, Bernhard dot Schmalhofer at gmx dot de, based on the Perl 5 Module MIME::Base64 by Gisle Aas and on the article on


Copyright (C) 2006, The Perl Foundation.