stm.ops -- Software transactional memory related ops


Operations for software transactional memory. Includes all transaction manipulating flow-control, actual transacted data manipulation occurs through STMRef/STMVar PMCs.

Parrot STM operations ^


Start a new transaction.

stm_validate(label INT)

If the current transaction is invalid jump to $1; otherwise, excecution continues normally.

If there is no active transaction, execution continues normally.

stm_commit(labelconst INT)

Commits the most recently opened transaction. Jumps to $1 if the commit fails. (If the outer transaction is invalid, this should succeed always.)

If stm_commit jumps to $1, then the transaction will have been aborted.

stm_wait(label INT)

Does what stm_wait does, but if the outer transaction is invalid after waiting or after the inner transaction is aborted, jumps to $1.

(The jump is needed because otherwise the inner transaction may never succeed because the outer transaction constrains it to not see new values.)


Aborts the most recently opened transaction.

stm_depth(out INT)

Writes the number transactions active in this thread into $1.


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This program is free software. It is subject to the same license as the Parrot interpreter itself.