Running ^

This document describes how to use the command line net2pbc program, which converts a .NET EXE or DLL into a Parrot Bytecode file (or optionally dumps the PIR generated in the process).

Usage ^

To translate example.dll to example.pbc:

  parrot net2pbc.pbc example.dll

To translate example.dll to output.pbc:

  parrot net2pbc.pbc -o output.pbc example.dll

To translate example.dll to PIR and print the PIR:

  parrot net2pbc.pbc -p example.dll

This works just the same with exe files.

A number of additional flags are available:

  -f  Force translation to continue, even if translating a certain
      type fails.
  -t  Trace the translation process, producing useful debug info.
  -q  Quiet mode; suppress output of summary at the end.