IMCC - documentation


IMCC is the Intermediate Code Compiler for Parrot. It's integrated into the parrot executable.

IMCC compiles a language called Parrot Intermediate Representation (PIR). PIR is the primary target of language implementations. PIR code files have the extension .pir.

See "pdds/draft/pdd19_pir.pod" in docs for the most recent documentation on PIR.

This document describes available IMCC documentation, located in docs/imcc unless otherwise described.


imcfaq.pod ^

A must read for potential language implementors.

macros.pod ^

The macro layer of parrot.

operation.pod ^

Describes how IMCC operates internally.

parsing.pod ^

Basic parsing functionality.

compilers/imcc/README ^

Summary of IMCC features and syntax.

*.[chly] ^

Most source files end in .c.


Leopold Toetsch <>