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Syntax Highlighting and Other Editor Assistance ^

Included in this directory are some add-ins for making working on parrot (or in parrot) easier, for various popular editors. Mostly that means syntax-highlighting and automatic indenting. Read on to see what's available for your favorite editor. For a summary on what is available do cd editor && make help

Vim ^

Calling make vim-install in the editor/ directory will install several files in ~/.vim. All these files have the .vim extension. pir.vim (generated from, pasm.vim, and pmc.vim are syntax files; indent_pir.vim is an indent plugin; and filetype_parrot.vim is a filetype script that tells vim to associate the extensions .pir, .pasm, and .pmc with the right syntax. The syntax files are installed to ~/.vim/syntax/; filetype_parrot.vim is installed to ~/.vim/ftdetect; indent_pir.vim is copied to ~/.vim/indent/pir.vim. If you want indenting, you should also place filetype indent on somewhere in your ~/.vimrc.

Kate ^

There is a syntax file for the KDE editor Kate, but it is not built by default. Run:

   make imc.kate

in editor/ to build it.

TODO: How do we install Kate syntax files?

Emacs ^

TAGS file ^

There is a script here to automatically generate a TAGS file, which works with Vim and other editors that recognize ctags-format files. The tool "exuberant ctags" is required. Run

  make tags

in the parrot root directory to build the tags file.