passable_args_from_parameter_list( $parms )

Given $parms like const STRING *foo, int bar, returns , foo, bar. It's handy for passing into function calls.

args_from_parameter_list( $parms )

Returns two arrayrefs of arg types and var names.


Returns the number of newlines (\n) in $string.


Returns the "DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE" warning text. $pmcfile is the name of the original source *.pmc file.

gen_ret($method, $body)

Generate the C code for a return statement, if the body is empty then make a cast if needed.

This method is imported by subclasses.

dynext_load_code($library_name, %classes)

$library_name is the name of the dynamic library to be created.

%classes is a map from the PMC names for which code is to be generated, to dump info (PMC metadata).

This function is exported.


Returns the Parrot C code coda


    $fh = open_file( "<", $file );

Purpose: Utility subroutine.

Arguments: List of scalars: two required, one optional.

Return Values: Filehandle to file so opened.

Comment: Called within dump_vtable(), read_dump(), and dump_pmc().