Test::Builder::TestPlan - class representing the current Test::Builder test plan


See Test::Builder.


This class contains the details of the test plan for a test run controlled by Test::Builder. You probably will never use this directly.

There are two actually classes here. Test::Builder::TestPlan represents a plan with a number -- a plan where you know how many tests you plan to run. Test::Builder::NullPlan represents a test where you do not know this.


Both classes support the following methods.

new( args_hash )

Initializes a new object after you create it with new. If you're creating a Test::Builder::TestPlan object, pass an args_hash hash containing an expect key with the number of tests you plan to run. If you're creating a Test::Builder::NullPlan object, do not pass the hash.


Sets the number of expected tests; throws an exception if you've already done this.


Returns a string containing the appropriate TAP-compatible header for this test plan.


Returns a string containing the appropriate TAP-compatible footer for this test plan.


Written and maintained by chromatic, chromatic at wgz dot org, based on the Perl 6 port he wrote, based on the original Perl 5 version he wrote with ideas from Michael G. Schwern. Please send patches, feedback, and suggestions to the Perl 6 internals mailing list.


Copyright (C) 2005-2008, The Perl Foundation.