NAME ^ - A PIR grammar for PGE.


 1. fix Heredocs parsing
 2. Test and fix things

Local declarations ^

Local declarations can be done using .local in normal context. TODO: how to declare locals in a macro? this needs to be fixed.

Const definition ^

Const definitions, a check is done for the constant type and the type of the constant value.

Macro body ^

In order to be able to parse macro identifiers, before the macro body is parsed, some rules are redefined. After parsing the macro body, they are restored.

Macro_target ^

In a macro, a target can also be a macro_id

Newlines ^

match the set of a newline and possible indention space 1 or more times this is necessary to be able to skip fully white lines (with some spaces/tabs in it). However, therefore it is also necessary to put the comments skipping here as well.

Keywords ^

PIR directives, PASM instructions and the Parrot datatypes (int, string, num, pmc) are keywords, and must not be used as identifiers.

PIR directives ^

TODO: put this in <%pir_directive> PIR directives