Eclectus ^

Eclectus aims to be a Scheme to PIR compiler implemented in Scheme. It is based on Abdulaziz Ghuloums compiler tutorial.

Design ^

Scheme code is compiled into a cons representing a Parrot Abstract Syntax Tree. This compilation is done with the help of riaxpander. This cons PAST is in the form of a S-XML data structure. The cons PAST is being emitted as NQP code. The emitted code is compiled to PIR and is being run with a PIR wrapper. Library functions are implemented in PIR.

There is a lot of room for improvements.

Status ^

Going through the tutorial.

Testing ^

Tests are written in Scheme. The test-driver is derived from the tutorial, tweaked to emit TAP. There are Perl 5 wrappers for the scheme test scripts, in order to allow unified languages testing.

The t/*.pl scripts are used in unified languages testing. They are executing the respective t/*.t Scheme scripts. In unified languages testing the Eclectus tests are skipped, when the is no 'gauche 0.8' around.

Run individual test scripts with e.g.:

   gosh -fcase-fold -I .  -I riaxpander -l gauche/prelude.scm t/unary_primitives.t


- Bring Eclectus back to unified languages testing - support for strings - support for pairs - support for 'letrec - allow test-description per test case - In the longterm, Eclectus should become self-hosting


Bernhard Schmalhofer, Andreas Rottmann