Parrot::Configure::Options - Process command-line options to


    use Parrot::Configure::Options qw( process_options );

    $args = process_options( {
        mode => q{configure},
        argv => [@ARGV],
    } );


Parrot::Configure::Options exports on demand the subroutine process_options(), which processes the command-line options provided to or to tools/dev/

If you provide with either --help or --version, process_options() will print out the appropriate message and perform a bare return, i.e., the return value will be undef. The calling script -- whether or a test file -- can then check for the definedness of process_options()'s return value and proceed appropriately.

An array of valid command-line option names stored internally is consulted; the program will die if an invalid option is called.


process_options() ^


The functionality in this package originally appeared in It was transferred here and refactored by James E Keenan.

SEE ALSO ^ Parrot::Configure::Options::Conf. Parrot::Configure::Options::Reconf. Parrot::Configure::Options::Conf::CLI. Parrot::Configure::Options::Conf::File.