src/sub.c - Subroutines


Subroutines, continuations, co-routines and other fun stuff...

Functions ^

void mark_context

Marks the context *ctx.

Parrot_sub *new_sub

Returns a new Parrot_sub.

Parrot_sub *new_closure

Returns a new Parrot_sub with its own sctatchpad.

XXX: Need to document semantics in detail.

Parrot_cont *new_continuation

Returns a new Parrot_cont to the context of to with its own copy of the current interpreter context. If to is NULL, then the to_ctx is set to the current context.

Parrot_cont *new_ret_continuation

Returns a new Parrot_cont pointing to the current context.

Parrot_coro *new_coroutine

Returns a new Parrot_coro.

XXX: Need to document semantics in detail.

PMC *new_ret_continuation_pmc

Returns a new RetContinuation PMC. Uses one from the cache, if possible; otherwise, creates a new one.

void invalidate_retc_context

Make true Continuations from all RetContinuations up the call chain.

STRING *Parrot_full_sub_name

Return namespace, name, and location of subroutine.

int Parrot_Context_get_info

Takes pointers to a context and its information table. Populates the table and returns 0 or 1. XXX needs explanation Used by Parrot_Context_infostr.

STRING *Parrot_Context_infostr

Formats context information for display. Takes a context pointer and returns a pointer to the text. Used in debug.c and warnings.c

PMC *Parrot_find_pad

Locate the LexPad containing the given name. Return NULL on failure.

PMC *parrot_new_closure

Used where? XXX

Creates a new closure, saving the context information. Takes a pointer to a subroutine.

Returns a pointer to the closure, (or throws exceptions if invalid).

void Parrot_continuation_check

Verifies that the provided continuation is sane.


void Parrot_continuation_check(PARROT_INTERP, ARGIN(PMC *pmc), ARGIN(Parrot_cont *cc)) { Parrot_Context *to_ctx = cc->to_ctx; Parrot_Context *from_ctx = CONTEXT(interp);

#if CTX_LEAK_DEBUG if (Interp_debug_TEST(interp, PARROT_CTX_DESTROY_DEBUG_FLAG)) fprintf(stderr, "[invoke cont %p, to_ctx %p, from_ctx %p (refs %d)]\n", (void *)pmc, (void *)to_ctx, (void *)from_ctx, (int)from_ctx->ref_count); #endif if (!to_ctx) Parrot_ex_throw_from_c_args(interp, NULL, EXCEPTION_INVALID_OPERATION, "Continuation invoked after deactivation."); }


void Parrot_continuation_rewind_environment

Restores the appropriate context for the continuation.


void Parrot_continuation_rewind_environment(PARROT_INTERP, ARGIN(PMC *pmc), ARGIN(Parrot_cont *cc)) { Parrot_Context *to_ctx = cc->to_ctx;

    /* debug print before context is switched */
    if (Interp_trace_TEST(interp, PARROT_TRACE_SUB_CALL_FLAG)) {
        PMC *sub = to_ctx->current_sub;

        PIO_eprintf(interp, "# Back in sub '%Ss', env %p\n",
                    Parrot_full_sub_name(interp, sub),

    /* set context */
    CONTEXT(interp)      = to_ctx;
    interp->ctx.bp       = to_ctx->bp;
    interp->ctx.bp_ps    = to_ctx->bp_ps;




Initial version by Melvin on 2002/06/6.