smokeserv - Parrot Smoke Reports Server

DESCRIPTION ^ is a Perl 5 program which submits smokes as generated by the smoke-* make targets (smoke, smoke-perl5, smoke-js) to a public smokeserver. is the smokeserver which accepts the smokes submitted by


Client ^

Using the client is easy. In the first place, you have to generate a smoke.html. You can achieve this by running make:

  $ make smoke        # or
  $ make smoke-js     # or
  $ make smoke-perl5  # or
  $ make smoke-pir

Then you can upload the resulting smoke:

  $ ./tools/util/ ./smoke.html

You don't need to be careful to only submit a smoke only once, etc. -- the smokeserver takes care of this.

Server ^

Setting up a server is easy, too, all you have to do is to install several CPAN modules (CGI, CGI::Carp, Fcntl, Storable, HTML::Template, Algorithm::TokenBucket, Time::Piece, Time::Seconds, Compress::Zlib, and Compress::Bzip2) and change the constants at the top of


This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. See perlgpl and perlartistic for details.