print debug info of various structures

handle info/error/warning messages from imcc

Functions ^

void IMCC_fatal

Prints out a fatal error message from IMCC and throws an IMCC_FATAL_EXCEPTION.

void IMCC_fataly


void IMCC_fatal_standalone

Prints an error message from IMCC and exits Parrot. This is not a recoverable exception but a forced exit.

void IMCC_fataly_standalone

Prints an error message and exits Parrot. This is not a recoverable error.

void IMCC_warning

Prints a warning message, but does not throw an exception and does not cause Parrot to exit.

void IMCC_info

Prints some information, if the level of the information is higher then IMCC's verbose mode.

void IMCC_debug

Prints a debug message, if IMCC's debug mode is turned on.

void dump_instructions

Dumps the current instruction status of IMCC

void dump_cfg

Dumps the current IMCC config data.

void dump_loops

Dumps the current loops in the IMC_Unit unit.

void dump_labels

Dumps the list of labels in IMC_Unit unit.

void dump_symreg

Dumps a list of the symbolic registers in IMC_Unit unit

void dump_liveness_status

Dumps the list of registers in the current IMC_Unit that need to be allocated.

void dump_liveness_status_var

Dumps the state of SymReg r in IMC_Unit unit.

void dump_interference_graph

Dumps the interference graph for the current IMC_Unit unit

void dump_dominators

Dumps the current list of dominators for the current IMC_Unit unit.

void dump_dominance_frontiers

Dumps the list of dominance frontiers for the current IMC_Unit unit.