src/io/io_buf.c - IO buffer layer


The "buf" layer of Parrot IO. Buffering and all the fun stuff.

Functions ^

static INTVAL PIO_buf_init

The buffer layer's Init function. Initializes buffering.

static ParrotIO *PIO_buf_open

The buffer layer's Open function.

static INTVAL PIO_buf_setbuf

The buffer layer's SetBuf function.

Don't pass SetBuf calls down the stack, top layer wins. This doesn't mean other layers can't buffer, I just need to think about the mechanism for buffer control or if it even makes sense this way. Most layers will not implement SetBuf.

static INTVAL PIO_buf_setlinebuf

The buffer layer's SetLineBuf function.

static ParrotIO *PIO_buf_fdopen

The buffer layer's FDOpen function.

static INTVAL PIO_buf_close

The buffer layer's Close function.

static INTVAL PIO_buf_flush

The buffer layer's Flush function.

static size_t PIO_buf_fill_readbuf

The buffer layer's Fill function.

static size_t PIO_buf_read

The buffer layer's Read function.

static size_t PIO_buf_peek

RT#48260: Not yet documented!!!

static size_t PIO_buf_readline

This is called from PIO_buf_read() to do line buffered reading if that is what is required.

static size_t PIO_buf_write

The buffer layer's Write function.

static PIOOFF_T PIO_buf_seek

The buffer layer's Seek function.

static PIOOFF_T PIO_buf_tell

The buffer layer's Tell function.


src/io/io_passdown.c, src/io/io_stdio.c, src/io/io_unix.c, src/io/io_win32.c, src/io/io.c, src/io/io_private.h.


Initially written by Melvin Smith.

Some ideas from AT&T SFIO.