obscure.ops - Obscure Mathmatical Opcodes


Parrot's library of obscure ops.

Obscure trigonometric operations


    Abramowitz, M. and Stegum, C. A. (Eds.). Handbook of Mathematical
    Functions with Formulas, Graphs, and Mathematical Tables, 9th printing.
    New York: Dover, p. 78, 1972.
covers(out NUM, in NUM)
Set $1 to the coversine (in radians) of $2.
exsec(out NUM, in NUM)
Set $1 to the exsecant of $2 (given in radians).
hav(out NUM, in NUM)
Set $1 to the haversine (in radians) of $2.
vers(out NUM, in NUM)
Set $1 to the versine (in radians) of $2.


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