src/pmc/lexinfo.pmc - LexInfo PMC


These are the vtable functions for the lexinfo PMC.


void class_init()
Manipulate vtable->flags so that constant PMCs are created. If your inherited LexInfo is not so constant, then don't do that and provide a mark() method and set the custom_mark flag.
init_pmc(PMC *sub)
Initialize the LexInfo PMC and remember the associate subroutine.
void declare_lex_preg(STRING *name, INTVAL preg)
Declare a lexical variable that is an alias for a PMC register. The PIR compiler calls this method in response to a ".lex STRING, PREG" directive.
PMC *inspect_str(STRING *what)
Introspects this LexInfo structure. The only valid introspection key is symbols, which gets an array of the names of the symbols in this lexpad.
void visit(PMC *info)
void freeze(PMC *info)
void thaw(PMC *info)
Freeze/thaw interface used during freeze/thaw of the Sub PMC. The implementation of the Hash PMC is called.


docs/pdds/pdd20_lexical_vars.pod, src/classes/lexpad.pmc.