tools/dev/ - Display symbol table information


    % perl tools/dev/ [options] file

To list all the symbols in Parrot:

    % perl tools/dev/ parrot


Portable frontend for nm(1); by default lists all the code and data symbols in the object or archive files.

Command-Line Options

The following options can be used to limit the symbols:

List the code/text symbols.
List the data symbols.
List the initialised data symbols.
List the uninitialised data symbols.
List the constant (read-only) data symbols.Not all platforms support this, a warning will be given if not. You can try GNU nm if you want this feature.
List the undefined symbols.
List the defined symbols.
List the file(name) symbols.

If more than one of all the above options are given, they are ANDed. They can also be negated with a "no", for example --noconst.

Prepend the object name before the symbol name.
Append the short BSD-style type to the symbol name.
    B - uninitialised data symbol
    D - initialised data symbol
    F - file name symbol
    R - read-only data symbol
    T - code/text symbol
    U - undefined symbol
Uppercase indicates that the symbol is global; lowercase indicates that it is local.
The same as --t.
Append a long type (e.g. "global_const_init_data" versus "R") to the symbol name.
Show the help.
Show the version number.

All the options can be shortened to their unique prefixes, and one leading dash ("-") can be used instead of two ("--").


Author: Jarkko Hietaniemi.