t/harness - Parrot Test Harness


    % perl t/harness [options] [testfiles]


The short command line options are:


Turn warnings on.


Run the CGoto core.


Run with JIT enabled.


Run the CGP core.


Run Switched.


Run bounds checking enabled.


Run with debugging enabled.


Run fast core.


compile to Parrot bytecode and then run the bytecode.


Run optimized to the specified level.

There are also long command line options:


Some test scripts run more quickly when this is set.


Invoke parrot with '--gc-debug'.


Emit a smoke.html file instead of displaying results.


Mike Lambert stole t/harness for languages/perl6/t/harness.

Leo Toetsch stole languages/perl6/t/harness for imcc/t/harness.

Bernhard Schmalhofer merged imcc/t/harness back into t/harness.